Atop the list of reasons for professional anxiety……

First off, let me apologize for the long blogging hiatus.  Now, about a week ago one of the biggest fears I have had in my professional career finally came true.  We all know that golf is one of the largest forms of entertainment, hobbies, topics of conversation, distractions from actual work, excuse to be outdoors, etc for people of the professional world.  Although I have known this for quiet some time now, I still constantly chose not to learn to play golf, and justified it by saying that it was an ‘old fashioned’ way of doing business, and thus not a fully needed skill.  Still I ultimately knew that the day would eventually come when I would meet my demise on the golf course, and that day was yesterday.

When I originally gave my current boss and his boss the warning of how terrible I would be on the course, he assured me not to worry.  His explanation being that none of them were actually good, and that we were playing in a vendor tournament, thus not our customer that I would be showcasing my lack of skills in front of.  However this does not take into account how uncomfortable I would feel as I continuously failed to even make contact with the golf ball hole after hole in front of the senior management of my brewery. Nonetheless, I agreed to play, however went through the rest of the week repeatedly letting everyone know how bad I would be, as to set the bar as low as possible.

After the first whole, in which I swung my club 4 times, made contact with the ball three times, landed the ball on the fairway a total of 0 times, and had not 1 of my strokes be used (scramble format), I am pretty confident they finally understood how awful I truly was, and most of the pressure was then taken off.  Overall the performance on the golf course was horrendous, but if I do say so myself I showed glimpses of being just bad.

Along with the baby steps I was able to make in my golf game, spending time on the course schmoozing and boozing (we are a beer company after all), with some co-workers and vendors definitely made it all worthwhile. Whelp, I hope you all enjoyed this week’s edition of The Beer World, I will leave you with a video on the Social Media Revolution that one of the other GMTs just passed along to me:



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What Up LA?

In case you couldn’t tell from the changed background, I have officially relocated to Los Angeles, California, the home of the Lakers, the Dodgers and thousands of people that have two careers, actors and waiters. I feel like literally everything I come in contact with, including people, businesses, street names etc… is somehow related to the entertainment industry. On that same subject, in my first week down here I discovered several interesting facts about the apartment building I am currently staying at: (1) it has had a long list of famous inhabitants, such as Miley Cyrus. (2) It has a notoriety of being a party location due to the general age demographic, and temporary state of its inhabitants, it was in fact where Rick James, or “Super Freak” was actually found dead roughly 6 years ago. (3) Lastly, Jay Leno supposedly visits the complex and gets video material for his show. Needless to say, people from the area generally know of the apartment building when I explain to them where I live.

Know on to brass tax, the reason for the move to LA is that I am starting my first rotation in the program. For the next 9 weeks I will be working in the Logistics department of the Van Nuys Brewery. Between roughly 20 brands, over 200 SKUs (stock keeping units), and 10 production lines, it can definitely be described as a potential logistical nightmare. After my first couple of days here i thought to myself, there is no possible way that people know how much blood, sweat, and tears (literally) go into getting them that quality Anhueser Busch product they so frequently enjoy. I say that simply being exposed to the logistical (Supply Chain Management) aspect of things, when you add in the actual brewing, packaging, and procurement of products, it can make your head spin. I have to admit it is very frustrating trying to grasp all of concepts at once, but very cool that I have this type of exposure and opportunity to learn how you manage this level of supply. 

To sum things up:
LA/Living situation- interesting and hilarious to think about
Work/Beer in general- Confusing/frustrating/awesome all at the same time 

Commercial of the Week: 

Word From the West

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I still can’t believe I got paid for this week of work

I will be the first one to admit that I do not have a very ‘educated’ palate. It is for that reason that reason, among many others (mainly financial), that I was never able to become a true connoisseur of beer, or really anything for that matter. Well, this week I made my first strides in that direction: Beer School, but unlike the past where I have paid for school, I instead was getting paid for this school.
Due to the fact that all members of the GMT will at one point be in some sort of sales function, it was necessary to equip ourselves with as much product knowledge as possible. After all, how can you sell beer if you don’t know how to make it, package it, talk about it, serve it, and most of all taste it? So our entire week was spent learning all about all of those components of the process. Let me give you a quick breakdown of the beginning of last week:

Monday: Sampled beer styles of competitors with taste experts that were able to point out strengths and weaknesses of each brand

Tuesday: Sampled AB Inbev products with the same taste experts, then each of us did a mock sales pitch of one product.

Wednesday: Went through an in-depth tour of all brewing and packaging functions, then finished the day by conducting a taste panel of product brewed that day

I won’t continue to bore you with my day-to-day life, but I am pretty sure most people can understand why I was so stoked that this is my job. Of course, as cool as this all sounds, there is a reason behind it all, which is why we all try to go about it in the most professional way possible. Welp, that’s all for this week folks, for the sake of keeping the streak of funny commercials going, I will leave you with this old commercial some of you may remember:


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Hilarious commercials sell beer

What up blog followers,

So this past week we had the Global induction, and besides being able to hang out with GMTs from around the world, we also got to see some really cool Beer commercials, new and old.  The funniest spot we saw was for one of our products in the Argentinian market, Andes, but I feel like this ad will resonate well in the American market aswell:

Pretty funny right?

The rest of the week was pretty cool too.  I have done my fair share of traveling, but I must say interacting with different cultures on a business level is completely different than on a social level.  It was at first very frustrating, but in the end I was definitely able to see the value in it.  Welp, thanks for tuning in guys, keep a look out for the new Bud ad, it’s filled with American spirit, and honestly give you goose bumps.

Keep on keeping on,


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Wait, I really work for the company that makes Budweiser?

“Welcome to the real world” the most popular saying, facebook status, topic of conversation…..etc all of my friends had entering their first job out of college.  I, and the other 13 other members of the Global Management Trainee Program (GMTP), have the unique advantage of instead entering the Beer World, which is almost like the professional version of the MTV show “The Real World”. 14 strangers, put into the same position, living in the same hotel, working together on the same project, not exactly like the TV show, but you can definitely see the similarities.

Growing up a popular question I would ask is why? Why don’t companies do this? Why do they not have this? And now that I work for very popular company among my demographic of friends not only do I have the resources to ask those questions, but I am encouraged to ask them.  For instance, I was set up with a senior level executive in marketing as my mentor, and every time I speak with him it feels as though he is just as intrigued in the conversation as I am. I would obviously hope that this entirely because he likes me as an individual, but part of it is simply the fact that I am in his target market.  Probably the coolest topic I got to pick his brain about AB becoming the NFL sponsor, which was already exciting to me to be part of the company, but being able to speak to one of the master minds behind it still blows my mind, even after the fact.

There are many other exciting first week things to dive into, such as a happy hour with the management committee, a day trip to the innovation center of our consultant in Chicago, however I don’t wont to go on and on in my first blog.  So as I conclude my first post, ill take a page out of the AB book, and say ‘Here’s to you’, Mr. I don’t blog at all but am reading this just because my friend asked me too. The world of blogging would not continue to churn out million blog posts a day without the experimental readers like you.

Word from the Arch City,


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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